Omnivorous (consuming almost anything) Cinephile (movie lover)

I’m David H. Ingram, and I’ve been a movie lover all my life.  It is a rare week when I’m not settled into a seat in a theater and watch the magic images on the screen.  When I was a kid, my favorite section of the library was the movie section, where I’d spend hours pouring over picture books, creating a playlist of films to see (as soon as VHS and DVDs were invented).

I’m also a writer for print media in the mystery genre.  My short story, A Good Man of Business, appeared in Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine and won the Robert L. Fish Award for the 2012 Edgar Awards.  Another story published last year by Ellery Queen will be featured in the anthology Best American Mystery Stories 2014, to be published later this year. I also review books for Suspense Magazine.


2 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for the nomination, Becky. I’m afraid I don’t have the time right now to participate – I’m in the final push now to finish a novel manuscript and most of my time is focused on that. But I do appreciate you thinking of me. By the way: Star Wars AND Star Trek. I’ve followed them both from the start and space is big enough to enjoy them both. All the best, David.

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